Rwanda Journal







Interior of a refugee camp office, constructed from a railroad boxcar.

The American aid worker (above left) was from Minneapolis. He worked six months of the year at a Starbuck's and saved enough money to give the remaining months of the year to relief work in Africa. This makes me think of the great interest in this country, these days, in celebrities and becoming famous. "Who wants to be a millionaire?" we say, and obsess with physical beauty and material wealth. All the while, the true heroes of this world are unsung men and women, like this dedicated coffee vendor from Minnesota, people who freely spend their lives to help those less fortunate. Donald Trump should be so lucky to have someone like this on his board!

photographs by Lee Cantelon, c. 1994

camera: Nikkormat
lens: Nikkor 35mm, 1.4
film: Ilford FP4