David and Renée

The next time you’re in Portland, Oregon, you’re invited to join this husband-wife writing team for a hike through scenic Mount Tabor Park, coffee in the Hawthorne district, or lunch in their home—your choice!

David and Renée grew up in Seattle, moved to Portland for college, and then were married and launched their publishing ministry in the early 1980s.

Their favorite project so far? Serving as the conceptual designers and authors of the 400 pages of devotional application notes for the Living Faith™ Bible published by Tyndale House (see information below).

Their largest project to date? David served as the conceptual designer and executive editor, and Renée served as an associate editor and contributing author, of the Starting Point Study Bible (Zondervan).

In January 2003 David and Renée launched Sanford Communications, Inc. Their two core businesses are a literary agency (representing 30 authors) and an editorial-market research business serving a wide spectrum of leading ministries, publishers, and authors.

In addition, David has been working on a new book on Spiritual Drifting—exploring the temptations we all face to drift away from God, the Scriptures, and the church.

You’re invited to drop a line to the Sanfords:

David & Renée Sanford
6406 N.E. Pacific Street Portland, OR 97213
  Tel. (503) 239-5229

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Discovering A Living Faith

comparative studies in scripture by David and Renée Sanford

1. Like the Magi
I seek the Lord with all my heart.

2. Like Peter
I know that no matter how often I let God down, he won’t give up on me.

3. Like John the Baptist
I recognize the preeminence of the Lord Jesus.

4. Unlike Judas
I do not follow Jesus Christ out of selfish, ulterior motives.

5. Unlike the Rich Young Man
I let nothing come in the way of coming to Jesus Christ.

6. Like Blind Bartimaeus
I’m confident God delights to hear and answer my prayers.

7. Like the Dying Thief
I trust God today and receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life with God forever.

8. Like Cleopas
I look to God every time I break bread.

9. Like the Samaritan woman
I am satisfied because God knows, loves, and fills me.

10. Like the adulterous woman
I forsake my sin because God has forgiven all my past.

11. Like Thomas
I claim Jesus as my Lord and my God.

Let the Living Faith Bible enrich your faith and study!

The Living Faith Bible is a unique Bible with thousands of faith affirmation statements that bring your faith to life. These succinct notes help you say yes to the truths found in every passage of Scripture. Plus, engaging biographical articles show you how every major Bible character provides a faith-building example for today. And in the back, hundreds of key Truths to Believe and Commands to Obey are listed for your easy reference. At last, a Bible to bring your faith to life!

Go to the Tyndale House Living Faith Bible web page

"Thank you for the NLT Living Faith Bible. Leafing through it, I am encouraged by its affirming content. I believe wholeheartedly in the essence of your intent in bringing thirsty readers to God. My prayers and best wishes go with this note."
--Rev. Lloyd John Ogilvie, Chaplain, U.S. Senate

"Scripture makes it clear that Jesus welcomes you and me into his family the moment we believe. The transfer is swift and sure—whether we live on earth another fifty years or enter heaven within a few thousand more heartbeats."

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