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The Birth of God
Eastern Orthodox hymn to be sung on Christmas Eve

Do not be amazed, O Mother,
seeing me now as a babe
whom the Father begat from the womb
before the morning star.
For I have come to restore
and to glorify with myself
the fallen nature of mortal man,
that magnifies thee in faith and love.
Today He who holds the whole creation
in His hand is born of a virgin.
He whose essence none can touch
is bound in swaddling clothes as a mortal man.
God, who in the beginning fashioned the heavens,
lies in a manger.
He who rained manna on His people
in the wilderness is fed on milk
from His mother’s breast.
The bridegroom of the Church summons the wise men;
The Son of the virgin accepts their gifts.

We worship thy birth, O Christ.
We worship thy birth, O Christ.
Show us also they holy Theophany.

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