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Set in a remote corner of the Roman Empire during a period of political unrest and spiritual uncertainty, Testament is a timeless story of Jesus alters forever the course of human history. We come to know Jesus through the eyes of four dissimilar people. First is Judas, a committed political fighter who is invigorated by his discussions with Jesus about a sovereign nation for the Jews -- a place Jesus imagines as a philosophical rather than a physical kingdom. Second is Miryam of Migdal, through whom we learn of Jesus's controversial teachings as the two travel through Galilee and Jesus encourages the masses to question the teachings of the powerful few. Through Jesus' mother, Miryam, we learn of his all-too-human vulnerability, the rigor of his conviction, and his unfailing compassion. Finally, it is through Simon of Gergesa, a Syrian shepherd, that we witness the last days of the Jewish preacher as he journeys to Jerusalem .

Though Simon is uncertain about how to assess Jesus' legacy, he now sees beauty where before there was none. Covering overlapping portions of Jesus' life, Testament tells the recognizable story of the four Gospels. The naturalism of the novel is based on extensive research and is utterly convincing, and yet there is indisputably something profound and even holy about the man and his teachings. As the novel progresses we begin to see his story, filtered by different eyes.

Ricci accomplishes something of an entirely neworder: a portrait that is historically grounded, philosophically rich, and emotionally moving and that speaks eloquently to the place and power of stories in our lives.

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Nino Ricci was born in 1959 in Ontario . He earned a B.A. from York University in 1981, and a M.A. from Concordia in 1987. He spent two years teaching in Nigeria with CUSO, and one year studying in Florence . He served as one of the directors of PEN Canada from 1990-96, and as President during 1995-96. He currently lives in Toronto , where he writes full-time.

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