Willard Cantelon (1916 - 1999) was well recognized for his three books on global economics, The Day the Dollar Dies, New Money or None, and Money Master of the World, and for years of lecturing at civic, university, and church gatherings. Cantelon's works were dominated by a fascination with the ancient Biblical prophets, and conviction that their premonitory writings illuminated the dilemmas and crises of the modern age. Instead, however, of conjectured gloom, he foresaw, in these ancient texts, an epoch foretold, of world unity and peace, a prophetic worldview substantiated by both theological and historical criticism. This passionate vision permeated all of Cantelon's published and spoken work

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Museo Arcivescovile, Ravena, Italy

"Saint Paul accepted the commission of Christ as his own personal mandate. His influence on every age, from the first century to the very present, has been truly profound. His ideas, and the revelation of his understanding of the message of Christ, has directed our own pursuit of God through the message imparted by His Son."

PRISONER of LOVE volume one
The Life & Times of Paul the Apostle

"The Jesus of the Gospels, although not the creation of Paul, is in some senses (as we know it today) the result of Paul. We can say, as Biblical historians, that if Paul had not existed it is very unlikely that we should have any of the Gospels in their present form. The very word 'gospel', like the phrase 'the New Testament' itself, are ones which we first read in Paul's writings. And though there are many individuals involved in the evolution of Christianity, the aspects which distinguish it from Judaism, are Paul's unique contribution. It is for this reason that I can say that Paul, if any one, was the founder of the Christian church." - A. N. WILSON

Reviled, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, and imprisoned, seemingly nothing could keep Saul of Tarsus, later known as Paul, from his destiny of becoming the greatest advocate of a new wave of belief emanating from the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

No one took Christ's commission to "go unto all the nations" more seriously. His influence on his own times and throughout the ages has been profound. Equally compassionate and harsh, uncompromising and yet a gifted diplomat, who was this man who, with a skilled lawyer's mind, penned one of the greatest defenses of the importance of love?

To this question and others, Willard Cantelon brings a lifetime of study. In Prisoner of Love the reader will find one of the most unique and insightful portraits of Christianity's founding mind ever published, as with notable scholarship the author examines the surrounding historical events and the man who would become the founding father of the Christian faith.

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