Fall / Winter 2002

   Garth Collins voice has been heard on movie
   trailers, such as Clear and Present Danger.



Garth Collins reads
The Words

online narration and MP3 by a voice familiar to millions
Garth Collins is a voice recognized in commercials for Disney, Bose Audio, MacDonald's, General Motors, McGraw-Hill, BP Solar, and many other companies, a film trailer voice for films such as Clear and Present Danger, and documentary narrator for such films as Bound by Courage, the 9/11 Story.

Now visitors to The Words will be able to listen to Garth Collins read The Words online. Recorded in Collin's studio in the winter of 2003, the narration is available chapter-by-chapter throughout the English pages, and as a free MP3 download by clicking below.

   Click here to access
Garth Collins' reading of
THE WORDS as a free MP3 download.

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