David Goatley
Portrait painting is a reasonable and natural consequence of affection." - Dr. Johnson

Work in progress crowds the shelves in David Goatley's studio on Vancouver Island

Putting the finishing touches on a recent portrait commission

It was my father who introduced me to the work of David Goatley. Not many months later, during one of my frequent visits to Vancouver Island, he introduced me to the painter himself. They shared much in common, that in spite of the forty years difference in their age. Both cultivated a tremendous passion for the message of the Gospels, and in their respective artfulness, David with oils, and my father with the written word, pursued an apologetic exploration of that truth. As well, both men were motivated by a compelling interest in the great commission Christ gave to his disciples, to go into all the world proclaiming the evangelion, or glad tidings, the Good News of the kingdom of God come to dwell among men.

Concerning David's work as a painter, the images featured on these web pages speak clearly for themselves. The painting below, of my father at work in his study exhibits David's ability to capture not only the lines and shadows of his subject, but a certain spiritual quality that animates the work. As my father exclaimed when he was presented with David's painting, "It's more lifelike than I am!"





painting: Willard T. Cantelon,
oil on canvas, 36 inches x 36 inches



"…he accomplishes more in one brush stroke than many painters do in ten."
- Review, CPA exhibition, 1998

"Just about the head of the current class…one of our finest portrait painters."
- Robert Amos, critic