David Goatley


"Words are very powerful. They build up or tear down. Inspire or destroy.Enoble or demean. They can bring life or demand death. Some words have the power to transform,to bring meaning, purpose and new life-hope where there was none and joy where there is every reason for sadness. Those words are The Words,the words God spoke when he became a man ,the words of Jesus. This web site and the printed versions of this precious text, present those words in a way that lets them speak to us in our own languages. You could search the web for the rest of your life and find no words more effective than these. "

David Goatley
September 6, 2000



"A really fine painter in the Sargent style who works with confidence and grace and a true respect for the quality of the paint."

- Robert Bateman, painter
The Son of Man Has No Place to Lay His Head; oil on canvas

image size 15 x 20; edition size 500, signed and numbered by artist, price: $100.00 ea.

David painted this study of Christ surrounded by a small group of homeless me in 1995. A fire warms the men beneath a city bridge. Do they realize that it is Christ who is talking with them? Or, like the two followers on the road to Emmaus (see Luke's Gospel, Chapter 24, verse 13 - 32), are they enjoying the company of this kind stranger, their hearts burning as he speaks to their most intimate need and sorrow?


David's painting of the man from Galilee has become a favourite to many. There is a reflective attitude to his Christ. Here is a man of his time, strong, yet approachable, listening, with understanding emanating from his gaze.

The Man from Galiliee
oil on canvas

David's paintings are available for sale at his personal online gallery at www.davidgoatley.com.
Proceeds from sales of his works benefit new translations of The Words.