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  I went to India early in ' 97 searching for a cohesive theme for an exhibition. I went to record, to observe, to come away with a head full of images and I came back stretched into many new shapes. I had accompanied a group of missionaries, fascinated to see the workings of God in so alien a setting, content to be a shadow, an eye and an ear.
Instead I saw the ancient stories of healing, redemption and victory over unseen darkness come gloriously alive before my eyes as the blind saw, the lame walked, the dumb spoke and spirits fled screaming into the night.  
  I walked in the New Testament with both eyes open and new paintings being born every minute. So far I have only scratched the surface of all this has bought me. Some of the work you'll discover here is part of an ongoing response to that.
David Goatley
The Paintings


Someone to Watch Over You
Oil on canvas - 16 x 20
Original $5000 US
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Available as a Giclee print on paper or canvas,
12 x 16 Edition size
250 @ $350 each
on paper
$600 each on canvas
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A generous percentage funds new translations and related projects.

If you had walked into that carpenter's shop 2000 years ago, I'm sure the carpenter's face would have had humour and a welcome in it for you - this is how I see that face.



Oil on canvas 24 x 36
Original - SOLD

Mary is a example of total acceptance of, and obedience to, the word of God that goes on being an inspiration down through the generations. Although I don't venerate her as a Catholic might, I stand in awe of a 14 year old girl who could say "Let it be to me as you have said", and quietly go about the business of being the mother of Christ. Many people have asked about prints of this image (it ha been used, with my permission, for a conference on prayer poster) and if enough people were to order one I would create a small edition of giclee prints, priced similarly to the others you see here.


I Am With You Always
Oil on canvas 30 x 36
Original - Private commission - SOLD

This was commissioned by one of British Columbia's leading heart surgeons to hang as an encouragement and witness in his offices, reminding his patients that, if they will believe it, Jesus is with them through everything - all they have to do is reach out and He is there.

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