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The Life of Christ
  Part 1: Let It Be
  Part 2: continued
  Part 3: The Light of Revelation
  Part 4: continued
  Part 5: Days of Miracles and Blessing
  Part 6: continued
  Part 7: Only Believe
  Part 8: The Good Samaritan
  To be continued...
by Painting
The Annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Mary, 1635
The Angel appears to the shepherds, 1640-42
The Shepherds worship the child, 1646
  The adoration of the wise men, 1632
The angel appears to Joseph,1645
  The flight into Egypt Etching, 1654
  The song of Simeon, 1669
  Simeon's prophecy to Mary,1628
  The holy family, 163?
   Jesus in the temple Etching, 1654
  The sermon of John the Baptist, 1634-36
  Jesus and the Samaritan woman, 1655
  Jesus and the Samaritan woman, 1634
  Jesus heals a leper, 1655-60
  A miraculous draught of fishes , 1655
  The storm on the Lake of Galilee, 1633
  Jesus saves Peter from drowning, 1632
  The waking of Jairus' daughter, 1655-60
  Jesus and the woman of Canaan, 1660
  Study for the Good Samaritan with the wounded man, 1648-50
  The Good Samaritan looks after the wounded man, 1644  
  The Good Samaritan at the inn, 1641-43  

Rembrandt: The Life of Christ

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