The Son of Man by Barbara Coleman

Barbara Coleman's painting continues the theme of Christ as the outsider, one who has "no place to lay his head." Certainly, the message and actions of Christ during his time on earth were outside of the established tradition and accepted code of behavior. The "outsider" concept of Christ, however, becomes more challenging when we fast-forward to today's standards and status-quo. How would we react to the person and challenge of Christ if suddenly we were to encounter him on our downtown street? Would we drop everything to follow him? Or would we retreat to a more comfortable distance, fearful of becoming involved? Would we sit at this feet to drink in his every word, or would we adapt a safer, wait-and-see approach?

Be careful the next time you experience an unexpected encounter. The person who is talking to you might be sent by his Father to deliver a message. That message, if you let it, could change your life.

- Lee Cantelon



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