This excellent web site features New Testament canonical Information such as the writings of the apostolic fathers, Patristic texts, creeds and cannons. Here you’ll find a very good selection of early Christian works, such as the Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians, circa 96. Other interesting documents at this site include, The Epistle of Barnabas, circa 130, the Didache (Teaching of the Lord through the Apostles), and 11th century manuscript discovered by Philotheus Bryennios, The Shepherd of Hermas, circa 150, written by Hermas, who is believed to be brother of Pius, the Bishop of Rome, and many more works by Polycarp, Ignatius, and others.
Far from obscure or lacking in relevance, the early Christian writings allow us an equally fascinating and valuable insight into the thinking and message of the early followers of Christ. You will find a rich selection of subjects, from prayer to patience, morality and martyrdom.
The site also contains the complete writings of Augustine, overseer of the church in Hippo, North Africa, and considered by most scholars to be the father of western theology. Unlike earlier Christian writers, Augustine was not well-versed in the Greek Language. Thus, he relied on the Latin Vulgate and other Latin translations of Greek texts. At this site you will find City of God, Confessions, translated by A.C. Outler, as well as by E.B.Pusey, the Enchiridion, translated by A.C. Outler, the Dialectica, translated by J.Marchand, as well as various papers and other archival material.
Parallel materials are also included at this site, such as Plato’s Repbulic and Apology, the works of Plutrach, the writings of Plotinus, a guide to Latin texts on the Internet, as well, and including works by Justin Martyr, Blandina, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Origen, and Jerome.

During the later years of his life, my father, Willard Cantelon, labored over a lengthy study of the life of Saint Paul. Internet sites did not commonly exist when he began his study. Later, they began to offer a considerable resource assistance, allowing the Biblical student access to a breadth of material equal to the most well furnished library of theology.


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