A compilation of Willard Cantelon’s collected writings on the Holy Spirit, published posthumously in February of 1999.


“Another book on my desk,” Willard Cantelon wrote in September of 1998, “contains the writings of the Vietnamese poet and teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. Recently he had read his powerful statement that, ‘…merely discussing God is not the best use of our energy. But if we touch the Holy Spirit, we touch God not as a concept but as a living reality. We must approach God, not through theology, but through the Holy Spirit. We must implore him, Speak to me of God.’

Willard Cantelon also quotes the venerable Yale theologian, Kenneth Scott Latourette, in his introduction to the Gift of God. He offers this from the professors comments on the subject of the Holy Spirit. “From discouraged, disillusioned men and women who sadly looked back upon the days when they had hoped that Jesus would become the new world leader, they were made over into a company of enthusiastic witnesses, adding to their numbers other Jews, Romans, Greeks, Ephesians, the educated, and the slave. Like other men and women, these remained human. Yet within them burned a power and life which came through Jesus by the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and this power worked moral and spiritual transformation within them. That power proved contagious, even as it does today.” (K. S. Latourette, Yale University)
For many years, Willard Cantelon was known as a lecturer and author on the subject of the Holy Spirit as presented in the Scriptures. The Gift of God represents a compilation of his short works on this subject, combined with marginal notes and commentary. The book in its entirety can be viewed at The Gift of God web site.

Willard Cantelon in a sketch
by English painter, David Goatley
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