A Collection of Biblical Translations
A Collection of Biblical Translations including the Danish Projekt Runeberg, the Hebrew Tanach, and the new Arabic tranlsation online.
The New Arabic Online Bible works with Microsoft Arabic Windows 95 and up. Software available on the site. Also includes what the Quran says about Jesus and the Christian Scriptures.
The Norwegian Bible online; Norwegian 1930 and King James Version.
The Czech Bible of Kralice. The first translation from original languages by Unitas Fratrum, 1579-1593.
Offerings from the Runeberg Nordic Literature online project. Includes the Danish, Swedish, and Finnish Bibles, as well as the writings of Peder Palladius, Viktor Rydberg, and N.F.S. Grundtvig.
A version of the Luther translation derived from the edition published by the Deutsche Bibelgesesllschaft in 1984. For scholarly, non-commercial use only.
The Hebrew Tanach online.
The Indonesian Bible online.
The Korean Bible online.
The Russian Bible online.
The Gospel of Luke in Quechua, and Cuzco, dialects of the Andes spoken in Southern Bolivia, Argentina, and the Ecuadorian highlands.
Latin, German, French and English versions of the Bible are available here with a flexible search engine.

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