Garidharipura is truly one of the most desperate slums in our world, home to the "absolute poor," to disease, neglect, and hopelessness. Here is where the outcast Dalit and untouchables call home, entire families cramped into one and two room houses made from mud, tin, concrete and cow dung, with no running water or adequate sanitation. Open sewers overflow in front of and between houses, breeding places for bacteria and the illnesses that result. Thanks to the gifts of ordinary people who felt compelled to respond, a free, walk-in clinic has been established. Dr. S. P. Singh, a respected Sikh doctor, leaves his practice in the city every afternoon to make sure the doors to the clinic remain open. Together, with his small staff of assistants, he has seen more than 10,000 patients since mid-2014, and Dr. Singh's carefully hand-written ledger records new names and cases every day. People without previous access to any kind of professional medical aid are being cared for. Along with wellness and the opportunity to live better and more healthy lives, dignity and respect are being administered, one name and one patient at a time.

Dr. S. P. Singh, M.B.B.S., M. O

"I am grateful for the work Project Hope has done to make the walk-in clinic possible, and for providing for our staff and the medical supplies necessary. Every afternoon I leave my practice in the city and coming to this place. It is how I relax my body and mind. When you give to people, you receive much in return, spiritually and emotionally. The clinic is my way of making an offering in the world, and since 2014 I have grown to know and love my patients, and been gladdened to see many of them recover and go on to live happier, healthier lives. When I arrive in Garidharipura they are always waiting for me outside the front door. On some days the line is long, and it tears at my heart to think of how neglected these people were before the clinic was here. Those who cannot afford it, should not be denied medical care. It is clearly expressed in the message of the Christian Bible. For this I am grateful; that we are called to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted, and to bandage broken hearts with hope."
- Dr. S. P. Singh, interviewed in January, 2017 *

* Referring to a passage from the Book of Isaiah, 61:1

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To the Poorest of the Poor; Jaipur 2017   
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Miracles Happen   
A Message from Rakesh Joseph   
Photographs: Among The Poorest of the Poor; An Intimate View   

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