Josephs International School began on the rooftop terrace of an apartment building in Jaipur. English classes were offered to a handful of children who were living on the neighborhood streets. From this humble beginning the school has gone on to experience remarkable growth. Today Josephs International School occupies a two-story building in Gandhi Path where it offers fully accredited K-10 eduction to more than 400 students. All are the first in their family to attend school, coming to the school from the adjacent slum neighborhoods, ragpicker compounds, or improvised tent villages. The only prerequisite is that their families have no opportunity or resources to provide education for their children. After school programs are offered to families, graduates, and non-students, including vocational training, medical, food, shelter, and other aid, as part of Joseph International School's outreach into the communities it serves.

Future plans include expanding the current facilities in Gandhi Path, furthering community programs to mothers and graduating students, and enlarging the hostel dormitories to assist boarding students. Josephs School is truly International these days, having forged a friendship with a Still Waters in a Storm school program in Brooklyn, New York in 2015, and with Christian Heritage School in Fairfield, Connecticut in 2017. Students at Still Waters in a Storm regularly correspond and engage in Skype sessions with their friends in Gandhi Path, and plans are in motion to share curriculum with Christian Heritage School and to obtain International Accreditation, thanks to the vision and efforts of Dr. Brian Modarelli, director at Christian Heritage, and Tory Russo, a dedicated partner and friend.

Special features related to Josephs International School
Watch the short film: "The Beatitudes"
filmed at Josephs International School, January 2017

"The Beatitudes of Gandhi Path"
exploring the beatitudes at Josephs International School, January 2017 

"The Little School That Could"
our first visit to Josephs International School in 2014 

"Between Friends"
messages from friends in America

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Miracles Happen   
A Message from Rakesh Joseph   
Photographs: Among The Poorest of the Poor; An Intimate View  

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