Map of northern India showing Jaipur which is the capital city of Rajasthan, the large, arid, northwestern Indian state which borders Pakistan to the west. Jaipur, also know as the Pink City, is a city known for its traditions, and for where the "old India" has been little spoiled by modernization. Just five hundred miles south of the Nepalese border, a route that travels through Kashmir, Jaipur is home to the great slums of Garidharipura, the rag picker villages, and tent city of the Banjara gypsies, all focal points of the work and outreach of Project Hope.

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To the Poorest of the Poor; Jaipur 2017   
The Need for Clean Water   
The Clinic   
Miracles Happen   
A Message from Rakesh Joseph   
Photographs: Among The Poorest of the Poor; An Intimate View  

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