Since 2013 we have been privileged to maintain a water delivery program to the nomadic Banjara people in Jaipur, a program that was initiated by American water activist and missionary, Joseph Farrell. Since then, more than 450,000 gallons of clean water have been provided, affecting the lives of up to 450 families who rely upon this source in order to survive, especially during the intense summer months, when temperatures consistently rise above 48 degrees Celsius (more than 118 degrees Fahrenheit). Accessibility to clean water not only saves lives and prevents disease, it also relieves families from having to devote four to five hours every day needed to locate and transport adequate water back to their tent village, a task that had become the responsibility of women and young children.

Rakesh Verma fills the water tanker before delivering to the Banjara camp

See the short video: The Water Delivery
shot on location in the Banjara camp, January 2017

"Clean water is one of the greatest gifts we can give these precious Banjaras families. Along with it we are delivering a message that their lives matter and have worth. It is the 'cup of cold water' that Jesus speaks of. The Banjaras are nomadic gypsies, and much like our Savior, have no fixed address, no place to truly call home. Clean water has been a tangible way to tell them that they are loved, that God cares for each of them. Their future is more secure today, because they do not have to go into the surrounding neighbor-hoods in search of water sources.Today there are more than 400 families who depend on this gift made possible because of God's love expressed through the actions of ordinary people."
- Rakesh Joseph

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