Open Letter to Translators

Jesus Christ


The Words began as an inspiration to create "a bridge" that would allow readers to access the words of Jesus, simply and directly, arranged according to topic, offering a concise introduction to His life-changing message. Uncounted readers, who might otherwise have never discovered His words, have returned to this site for renewal, encouragement, guidance, and spiritual nourishment.

Jesus' words are the answer to the never ceasing quest for truth. People from every nation, culture, education, and walk of life, long for connection to spiritual life, and His words offer a clear and easily understood introduction to the reality of a Heavenly Father who cares for the needs and sufferings of humankind, regardless of religion or creed.

Jesus, by his own declaration, did not come to establish a new religion, but to announce that the "Kingdom of Heaven," and abundant life were available to all, that access to the Father is possible wherever and whenever people seek in "spirit and in truth."

This is the essence of The Words. It was born as a project to offer readers the most direct access to His message, free of commentary or personality, just the teachings and truths that were spoken 2,000 years ago, and live today in the hearts of all who hear them. It is treasure buried in a field that, once discovered, has the power to transform and illuminate even the darkest corners of our world; a clear guide to establishing a relationship with a God who is present, and who longs to dwell in the hearts and lives of all.


Since this ministry began as an online project, The Words has been published into dozens of languages, as skilled linguists have stepped forward, often volunteering their time, energy, and expertise to create excellent translations, and in many cases, audio narrations.

In the future, the words of Jesus will become even more widely broadcast due to the rapidly expanding varieties of inexpensive mobile devices, smart phones, broadening reach of the Internet, as well as by the potential of newer technologies yet to be introduced to the market.

In 2010, we are redoubling efforts to add to the current catalog of translations. This is an extraordinary opportunity to help take the message of Jesus to new areas of the world. If you wish to become a participant by assisting with a new language not currently available from this site, please contact us for more information. Our web team will answer any questions to aid the translation process.

Note: Published editions of The Words, in all mediums (print, digital, or audio) are made available at no cost wherever they appear. Depending on each translation project, budgets are available to complete the work, or the translation fees can be waived, offered as a gift to The Father, who unites us as one.

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               Wu, Min, Hakka, Xiang, Gan (China); Korean

If you believe in me, you will do the same works that I do. Even greater works will you accomplish, for
I must return to my Father in Heaven. If you wish to serve me, follow me; and where I am, there you, my servant, will be as well, honored by my Father. Go announce to the world: "The kingdom of heaven has come to dwell among you."
- Jesus of Nazareth, from chapter twenty-one, "The Great Commission"

"In the world of publishing I can’t think of anything that matches The Words project’s massive international appeal and influence in so many formats and dozens of translations. The fact that so many in the world can readily access The Words online in their own language is unprecedented, and this number is growing every day. Where else can they read His words as is?" - from an email


A group of friends who share one vision: to publish the words of Jesus to the four corners of the earth.

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