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"In The Words I find a particular masterful presentation, one which demands attention as it deals logically and conclusively with the acute matters of everyday life. This appeals to storm-tossed people. Here is anchorage, here is succor for the soul, here is life worth living. The Words of Jesus are words of hope."
- Herbert Ros

In his modern translation of the words and teachings of the teacher from Nazareth, Lee Cantelon departs from the traditional layout of the four gospels, offering a book that is organized according to subject. The result is that the reader, whether for the first time, or as one already familiar with the message, is able to encounter Christ's words with an immediacy and freshness that is unique. What is said about prayer, the pursuit of God, human relations, the heavenly kingdom, and practical applications of faith and practicing the presence of God, are clearly presented in The Words. Sermons spoken to crowds of listeners become personal missives. The essentials of Christ's teachings, sermons, parables, and prayers are amplified in clear and precise language that has been awarded the highest accreditation, the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, by the Catholic Church.

Kenneth Scott Latourette, Yale's venerable professor of Oriental History has written, "As the centuries pass, the evidence is accumulating that, measured by his affect on history, Jesus is the most influential life lived on this planet. That influence appears to be mounting."

It is our hope that, in some personal manner, this, most positive, influence may be furthered in your life, by your encounter with The Words.

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In Lee Cantelon's symposium of the words of Jesus, their full and concentrated force has been given exhilarating expression. The impact is phenomenal.

Why? Because they are the Words of Jesus! Jesus plainly states, ".my words are spirit and are life!" His Words are invested with the total power and ultimate authority of His sovereign personality.

For the German mind, this particular masterful presentation demands attention as it deals logically and conclusively with acute matters of everyday life. Here is profound philosophy sandwiched in glorious simplicity, so that even the heirs of the dichter und denker nation are challenged to reconsider their ways of thinking concerning things seen and things unseen.

The winsome quality of Jesus' Words, as well as their grace and beauty, enthrall the modern reader. His pithy sayings have become an integral part of our cultural heritage. His directness finds a marvelous echo in the German heart, as does his wisdom and wit, his tact and his teaching, his courage to controversy, and his unwavering convictions concerning the full spectrum of human relationships and human dreams.

Jesus, as highlighted by The Words, deals with mankind and it's besetting problems in a manner that greatly appeals to the Teutonic race. He always goes to the root causes, shows their consequences and offers definite and proven cures. He is not only philosophical, but also very practical, a combination that rouses the envy of the expert. His healing hand is on man's feverish pulse. His insight into human affairs surpasses the more or less learned attempts of the various therapists, and His outlook goes far beyond any human imagination. His certainty is not flawed by doubts and His truth is irrefutable. He confronts man with his dilemma and demands a decision. This appeals to storm-tossed people. Here is anchorage, here is succor for the soul, here is life worth living. The Words of Jesus are words of hope.

Here is not only powerful reading, here is depth of understanding for my personal predicament and here is help offered for my dire need. Free of charge! No strings attached! No pitfalls - religious or otherwise! Not long ago, when immigrants from the former Soviet Union arrived at the Friedberg repatriation camp, lonely, lost, full of uncertainty and without any means, they were handed a free copy of The Words of Jesus. As they avidly read words very applicable to their situation, hope strengthened their resolve to make a go of the new opportunities. The Words of Jesus in action at the grass roots! The Words of Jesus are a tonic for the whole man. Appreciation must be expressed for the vision and its realization to produce them in this powerful fashion. Read The Words and get in touch with God. Life will never be the same again!

Dr. Herbert Ros
Stuttgart, Germany


Dr. Herbert Ros
Dr. Herbert Ros
Dr. Herbert Ros has contributed his writing to The Words web site since its beginning. Prophetic, spiritually insightful, and at the same time, culturally relevant, his writing is always compelling. Dr. Ros is a leader among the Volksmission (The People's Church) in Germany, and is active in world missions, with a heart of compassion for the people and culture of Africa, where he travels and ministers on a regular schedule. His articles, such as Those Eyes (reflections on a painting of Saint Paul by Rembrandt), and Stellvertretende Buße, and Kennt die Bibel ein Lohndenken? are published this site. Click to visit the
Volksmission online.


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