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The Words of Jesus Narrated in English

the English narration of The Words on MP3

Download The Words to your computer as high quality MP3 files

The complete narration is 2 hours. You can download it all in on one large MP3 (55 Meg) by clicking here or you can click on the below links to download individual sections of the book. We recommend downloading the sections if you have a slow connection.

part one
The Problem of Religion
The Light that has Lighted the World
The Revelation
The Living Word
The Father
The Good Shepherd
Food for the Soul

part two
The New Kingdom
A Royal Commandment

part three
The New Doctrine
The Blessings
The Power of Prayer
The Treasures in Heaven
Faith that Moves MountainsPatience, Mercy and Forgiveness
On A Fruitful Life
Health and Healing for Body and Soul

part four
The Call
On Being Born A Second Time
Diciples and Servants
The Great Commission
Christ's Prayer for His Disciples

part five
This Generation
A Place for You
The Promise of the Spirit
An Invitation to Life
The End Times
The Return

part six
The Betrayal
The Trial and the Cross
Following the Resurrection

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