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The Words of Jesus Christ
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Arguably the greatest MC
of all time, KRS One takes it to another level by espousing faith in Jesus Christ. His trademark boldness and authority, combined with a righteous gospel message, is what the hip-hop community needs..
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rapper DMX (Earl Simmons) knows about life on the streets
in "a minute for your son," he bares his soul in a prayer-song of praise, commitment, and spiritual confession..

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you got a minute for yo' son father, I need to talk, I'm so tired of tryin' to run father, let's take a walk, I'm so sorry for what I done father, it ain't my fault, but the devil's been on my back lately, he's like a hawk, you never give us more than we can handle, but it's gettin' hard, and I'm a strong individual, but I need you, God lot of things that I used to, I don't wanna run the streets like I used to, I know I'm gonna speak the word for you one day, up in there like, "Hallelujah" on Sunday, I thank you Lord for the blessings that you gave me, and for my life with the blessings that you saved me, and for my wife, you have carried me enough times - and that's the truth, married me to rough times, throughout my youth, and through it all I saw that you was still with me I was that one lost sheep and you was comin' to get me, Lord you got me like, your love got me like (repeats), I look at my life a little different now, since you hugged me, and I always loved my peoples, but now they love me, thank you for the love Lord, we praise ya, Jacob's descendants, from Africa to Asia pleadin' the blood of Christ over our life, wrong or right, just help us make it through the night and we'll shout yo' name in times of need, and times of joy, and when we bleed, and when we are overcome with greed, you ain't gonna half to tell me twice, I'ma take heed, and because of what you've given me, I know you'll deliver me, and I won't drown no matter how deep the river be, your are the strength I never knew I had, kept the heart good when they told me it was bad, all praises due to ya, that's why I had to dedicate somethin' new to ya, thank you father, uhh, I never knew a love like this before, messin' with the thug life, I missed it all, you opened the doors and let me in, I'm down for the cause so, let's begin, prayers that you give to them, same way you live in me I live in them, life is a blessing now, you got me smilin' from inside my heart, when inside it was dark and it doesn't rain anymore, only sunshine, no pain anymore, I really love my, you washed away the tears and the fears, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life, the whole thirty years, you know that! one day I'll speak the word, you know that! when I do I will be heard, you know that! you gave me a permanent smile and you know this father, because I'm you child, what?


about dmx
His real name is Earl Simmons, and as a child he spent his days and nights alone, wandering the streets of the School Street Projects of Yonkers, NY by himself. Despite having five sisters, Earl says he had a very lonely childhood, a painful reality that led to an inner strength, a strong introspective side. If you meet DMX, and listen to his rhymes, you hear the same person. He talks as he rhymes, with the same rhythm, cadence, and strength of feeling that has made him so captivating for thousands of fans and friends across the globe, as he contemplates a life with little opportunity, a life with more than one rock-bottom, but a life that's nothing but his own. Don't get it twisted, there will be no excuses. "To live is to suffer, but to survive, well, that's to find meaning in the suffering." DMX is more than a rapper, he's an entertainer and a leader who understands the power and influence he has been blessed with. Nearly from the start, DMX took over as the reigning, undisputed king of hardcore rap, that rare commodity: a commercial powerhouse with artistic and street credibility to spare, as he became one of rap's most distinctive personalities. Everything about DMX was unremittingly intense, from his muscular, tattooed physique to his gruff, barking delivery, and there was substance behind the style; much of his work tied together by a fascination with the sacred in a profane world. He could move from spiritual anguish one minute to a narrative about the sins of the streets the next, yet keep it all part of the same complex character; sort of like a hip-hop Johnny Cash. The results were compelling enough to make DMX the first artist ever to have his first four albums enter the charts at number one.

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"and through it all I saw that you was still with me I was that one lost sheep and you was comin' to get me, Lord you got me like.."
- D

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