Hope Among the Ruins

Art is a Calling

Inside the Koninklijke

The Light

Rembrandt Paints Christ

A Search for Light Among
the Shadows

Seeing Christ

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The Words Gallery
art that amplifies the life and teachings of Christ

Hope in the Ruins
A photographic journey through Rwanda featuring the images of Lee Cantelon

Seeing Christ
contemporary artists imagine Christ...

A Search for Light Among the Shadows
Painter David Goatley's personal voyage towards understanding the meaning of the "Christ story" and the great commission.

"Theology is a science. Worship is art. Perhaps the real art is discovering the truth that animates them both."

Koninklijke Bibliotheek

An insider view of the National Library of the Netherlands which contains one of the world's finest collections of medieval and later manuscripts, including many fine examples of early publishings of the Gospels, and related Christian texts, such as the Biblia Pauperum, or Bible of the Poor.

Rembrandt Paints Christ

The Gospel story told by the brush and pen of one of the world's great artists.

The Light
Without the use of symbol and analogy, it would be difficult to interpret our quest and understanding of God. Throughout history we have used such tools to more clearly see God, or to understand the progress of our spiritual journey. While the quest for God is one that takes place within the confines of the heart, still we depend on, or have been given, profound imagery to mark or amplify the stages of our pilgrimage...features early Christian iconography, as well as classic works by William Holman Hunt, Peter Bruegel, Georges De La Tour, and many more...

Art is a Calling
During the 1950's, Sister Morgan believed that God called on her to paint. She was in her mid-50's, a street preacher in New Orleans, "the headquarters of sin," as she called it. With no art training and illustrated Bibles for guides, she put pencils, pens, crayons and paints to paper, canvas, cardboard and almost anything else at hand: Styrofoam food trays, toilet paper rolls, doors, window and lamp shades, scrap wood and detergent boxes...

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