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The Palmer Pulpit

A fine series of Bible expositions presented by Dr.Hedley Palmer, pastor of the Stramshall Church in Derbyshire, England, teacher, musician, radio commentator, and international traveler for the Lord. Dr. Hedley Palmer began his ministry in 1939 at the Elim church at Merthyr Tydfil (Wales), moving in 1940 to Elim church in Dunfermline. In 1942 he began a series of pastorates in Crawcrook, Chesterfield, Louth (of which Donald Gee was a member), Wigan, Hull, Scunthrope, Glynneath, Heanor, Uttoxeter, and finally Stramshall, where he continues to oversee his congregation at the time of this writing. Dr. Palmer is widely known for his radio broadcasts, having presented approximately 5,000 such broadcasts during a thirty-two year involvement with radio. He has been responsible for building radio studios as well,  in Bromley, Nottingham, Nairobi, and Alicante, also acting as an advisor for French and Italian fellowships during the formation of their broadcasting departments. He has taught in as diverse places as Kenley and Nairobi, as well as at colleges in Rome and Poland. His voice can be heard on Radio Luxembourg every Tuesday night

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