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Bible Society in Israel

The Bible in Russian

New Arabic Bible

Luke's Gospel in Quechua and Cuzcu
Several dialects of the Andes spoken in Southern Bolivia, Argentina, and the Ecuadorian highlands.

The Czech Kralice Bible

The New Luther Translation

The Bible of Indonesia

The Bible in Korean

The C. H. Spurgeon Devotional

John Michael Talbot

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"If my life is motivated by an ambition to leave a legacy, what I would probably leave is a legacy of ambition. But,
if my life is motivated by the power of God's spirit in me and the awareness of the indwelling Christ, if I allow his presence to guide my motives, that's the only time I think we have a great legacy."


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links to some of our favorite web sites

L'Abri Community
The L'Abri communities are study centers in Europe, Asia and America where individuals have the opportunity to seek answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life based on the belief that Christianity speaks to all aspects of life.
The first L'Abri community was founded in Switzerland in 1955 by Dr. Francis Schaeffer and his wife, Edith. Dr. Schaeffer was a Christian theologian and philosopher who also authored a number of books on theology, philosophy, general culture and the arts. Dr. Schaeffer's letters are featured on this website in the Murry Reading Room.

The Taiz Community

Along with multi-lingual information on the work and publications of the Taiz Community, this site offers the Johannine Hour, a monthly devotional to provide a way of seek God in silence and prayer in the midst of our daily lives.

About the Orthodox Christian Faith
Articles on the history, teachings, art and architecture, and rituals
of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Early Christian Writings
New Testament canonical information, the writings of the apostolic fathers, Patristic texts, creeds and cannons, The Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians, circa 96, The Epistle of Barnabas, circa 130, the Didache (Teaching of the Lord through the Apostles), the 11th century manuscript discovered by Philotheus Bryennios, and much, much more.

Anam Gathering

Anam Gathering brings together endurance athletes who consider the model of Jesus for daily living. Anyone can consider His words with us through bi-weekly meetings or through this website with its new postings every Monday.

"This website will address every recorded word spoken by Jesus over the next 35 weeks. If you tap in every week, by the end of this year, you'll have read every word spoken by Jesus and see what He has to say about living. We'll use the text prepared by Lee Cantelon ( for the approach. Each week, we'll have a link to one of the themes organized by Lee that collects the words of Jesus, and hope that will be your study for the entire week.

Remembering Rich Mullins
There was something different about this man who was comfortable meeting church leaders and Christian "celebrities", barefoot and wearing faded jeans. At a time when many Christian artists were busy moving to Nashville or Hollywood, Rich walked away from his own growing success as a singer/songwriter to teach on a Navajo Nation reservation in New Mexico. There he took a vow of poverty, devoting the rest of his life to the poor and the daily imitation of the life of Christ

The Palmer Pulpit
Series of Bible expositions presented by Dr.Hedley Palmer,
pastor of the Stramshall Church in Derbyshire, England.

Martin Buber
Extensive reading and a great many links to sites pertaining to the words and life of Martin Buber..

Alpha Bangoura
We have been supporting the work of Alpha Bangoura in Freetown, Africa for several years now. At the conclusion of the civil war, Alpha began finding homes of children orphaned by the conflict, and has created an amazing network of families housing children who have lost their immediate family.

Soulfishing MinistriesSoulfishing Ministries
Daily devotional by Minister Evans Olang.

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