James Caviezel as Jesus

behind the scenes
It is Mel Gibson’s hands that nail Christ to the cross during the Crucifixion scene. The decision for using his own hands in the film is explained by Gibson who says: "It was me that put Christ on the cross. It was my sins that put him there."

The Passion book is a visual portrayal of the last twelve hours in the life of Jesus. Gripping photos taken on the set of Mel Gibson's new film, The Passion of The Christ, together with the biblical narratives in the New Living Translation (Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible Translation edition also available), present the story in vivid detail. A sweeping overview of the Passion story in powerful images that will enhance the movie experience! ($24.95)
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The Passion of the Christ
Mel Gibson's film is is a vivid depiction of the last 12 hours of Christ's life

John Meacham writes about The Passion of the Christ
"It is night, in a quiet, nearly deserted garden in Jerusalem. A figure is praying; his friends sleep a short distance away. We are in the last hours of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, in the spring of roughly the year 30, at the time of the Jewish feast of Passover. The country—first-century Judea, the early 21st's Israel—is part of the Roman Empire..."

Jody Dean's response
CBS News anchor Jody Dean talks about her reaction to the Gibson film

James Caviezel talks about the Jesus role
"I don't want people to see me. All I want them to see is Jesus Christ."

Peggy Noonan talks with James Caviezel
The actor James Caviezel, who plays Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ," met with Pope John Paul II on Monday at the Vatican. Afterward Mr. Caviezel talked with me briefly by phone from Rome. I asked him what it was like, and transcribed what he said.

The Day God Died by Mart De Haan
"At a moment in time, the eternal God closed His eyes and stopped breathing. Under the weight of wrongs that had hurt those who were dear to Him, His body fell limp and lifeless. At that moment God was dead—not just in the perception of others, but in real time and in an actual place."

Caleb Deschanel photographs The Passion of the Christ
"...the story in this film is really pre-religion; it inspired a religion, but it's not a religious story. It's the story of a person whose power comes from forgiveness."

the original screenplay for The Passion
Read the complete screenplay by Mel Gibson and Benedict Fitzgerald
available as a Microsoft Word document (to download to your computer)

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filmmaker feature
cinematographer John Bailey and film writer Stephen Pizzello talk to Caleb Deschanel about shooting The Passion of the Christ...